The does listed in the chart above were confirmed pregnant via blood test in January and are expected to kid in March and April. There *may* still be a few first freshener does to kid in late summer or early fall. I'm still evaluating them and making breeding decisions. 

The vast majority of kids in 2020 will be available for sale as I kept far too many junior does last year! There may be one or two intact buck kids for sale, but for the most part all bucks will go as pet wethers. All kids will be bottle raised and can leave on the bottle around 3-4 weeks old if buyers desire. Doe kids will be priced at $400-$600. Pet wethers are $150 each or two for $250. 

Please contact us to be placed on our free waiting list. Deposits are not required until after kids are born. You can read our detailed waiting list and deposit policies here.