Who are we anyway? Well, honestly, that's a question I'm not so sure even we can answer. The basics are easy, I suppose. There's four of us humans- my husband, Robert; my son, Ben; my brother, John; and me, Libby. Robert and I moved to Tennessee in 2008, and Ben was born just a couple years later. John arrived for a visit in 2016, and liked it so much he's still here.

A pretty little creek winds it way through our farm, keeping the back half secluded and often a place of escape and solitude for all of us. Many times we've said, "Let's go 'cross the creek to pick some blackberries." and "Let's take a walk 'cross the creek." Those happy times, combined with our last name, Cross, made naming the farm an easy decision. We applied for our business license and started our farming adventures in 2011. 

We've dabbled in several things-laying hens, plant starts, honey bees, fresh produce, Nigerian Dwarf goats- and apparently we aren't done. We plan to try our hand at cold process soap, made with our own goat's milk, soon. I love to quilt and sew, and many of my crafts can be purchased through my Etsy shop, Cross The Creek Farm. 

John and I probably love the goats more than we should, but I'm ok with that. They are not simply 'livestock'. They are my sanity, my smiles, and my deep breaths when the world is weighing too heavily on me.  We do our best to give them all the compassion and love possible, and to always provide them the best care.