6/9/2020 Update: We have a few kids left for sale currently. I am waiting for DNA results for two doelings out of 5 Cedars W-P Daisy and pending those results one of both of those doelings will be listed for sale. Our 2020 kidding season is complete as I do not plan to breed any does for fall this year.

All of our kids are bottle raised and friendly. They are also all either disbudded or polled. 

A sample of our sales contract and information regarding our free wait list available here: https://crossthecreekfarm.com/pages/POLICIES

You can contact us at any time to be placed on our free wait list. 


Doe kids can leave as young as 3-4 weeks on the bottle or around 12 weeks when they're weaned. Our doe kids range from $400-$600 depending on parentage.



Doe kid 
Cross the Creek LB Marguerite

Barn name: Margie
Born 4/17/20
Sire: Cross the Creek OC Laid Back
Dam: 2*M AR Cross the Creek Snapdragon
Price: $500


Buck kids

We are sold out of intact buck kids for 2020. If you are interested in a herd sire, we have a free waiting list for 2021 kid reservations. Contact us for more information. 



Wethers are $150 each or two for $250 or $100 if purchased with a doe. Wethers must remain here until 8 weeks minimum so they can be banded before leaving. 




Born 3/29/20
Price $150

(Mario is now down to just one bottle per day and has been banded.)