***Cross the Creek Farm reserves the right to change or adjust our policies at any time, in accordance with the best interest of our goats and our farm. ***


Goat Sale Contract


Individual contracts will be adjusted for goats and circumstances. Here is an example of our typical contract:

Cross the Creek Farm Sales Contract
This contract is for the sale of the following goat(s), herein referred to as "the goat(s)" for the total sum following after each of the goat's names: 
 Sold to _________________________________, herein referred to as the buyer. Each party will have responsibilities for this exchange as follows:
Cross the Creek Farm is responsible for and will:
-Feed, house and provide basic maintenance, health care and deworming to the goat until the agreed upon pick up date, unless other arrangements are made. 
-Give possession of the goat to the buyer on the agreed upon date after full payment is received.

The Buyer is responsible for and will:
-Make a deposit of $_________-  by cash, check, or paypal 
-Pay the remaining $_________-by cash or paypal on or before the pick up date  
-Pick up the goat(s) on or before  _________________________  at 1512 Calderwood Highway, Maryville TN 
-Pay for/provide adequate transportation of the goat- all goats must be transported in an adequately sized, covered, ventilated, safe vehicle where they may comfortably and safely stand, turn around, and lay down. If the buyer attempts to pick up the goat with what Cross the Creek Farm determines to be unsatisfactory/unsafe transportation, Cross the Creek retains the right to refuse to release the goat.
-Pay for Veterinary Health Certificate (optional, but required by law for interstate travel), and fees charged by the vet for the farm call and animal examination and tests.
-Provide adequate food, care, shelter, fresh water, and companionship for the goat at all times. IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE TO KEEP A GOAT TIED-OUT OR ON A CHAIN! Goats are herd animals and need at least one goat companion at all times.

Terms & Conditions:
-The down payment/deposit is refundable only in the event that the seller must forfeit the contract. If the buyer forfeits the contract for any reason, the deposit will not be refunded. 
-If the goat is not picked up within 10 days of the agreed upon date, the buyer forfeits the animal as well as the monies, unless we have agreed on other arrangements in writing.
-By paying a deposit/down payment, the buyer agrees to, and is bound by, all terms, conditions, and responsibilities laid out in this contract. By submitting a deposit, the buyer agrees that they have read and understand this entire contract and they agree to all the responsibilities, terms, and conditions laid out herein.
-Goats can get sick, develop unforeseen diseases, or even die. At Cross the Creek Farm we do our very best to maintain the highest level of health in our goats, but we cannot be held responsible for the goat's health or condition after it has left our property. 
-If any of the goats listed in this contract are to be sold as bred does, this contract will also include an addendum page with additional terms and conditions. 

Bred Doe Addendum to Sale Contract

Contracts and addendum may be adjusted for goats and circumstances. Below is a sample of our typical Bred Doe Addendum:

Cross the Creek Farm Contract Addendum for Bred Does
We at Cross the Creek Farm try our best to accommodate customers' requests to breed does prior to sale. However, we cannot always meet all of those requests, as we must also keep certain policies in place to keep our business running smoothly and maintain the best health of our goats.
-There is a $50 fee in addition to the cost of the doe. This fee is to cover our time and pasture space for the exposure. Exposure is just that- we will expose the doe to the buck for an agreed upon amount of time. Pregnancy is never guaranteed. A breeding memo will be included, so potential kids may be registered, but again this does not constitute a guarantee. 

-We must have a signed contract, including the "Bred Doe Addendum" and a deposit prior to exposing the doe. The deposit amount will be calculated as 50% of the sale price of the doe plus the $50 exposure fee. The remaining 50% of the doe price will be due prior to pick up. 

Deposits are non-refundable, except in the rare case that Cross the Creek Farm should have to forfeit the contract.


Kid Reservation List


A deposit is not required to be placed on the kid reservation list. Cross the Creek Farm reserves the right to retain any kids of our choosing, regardless of reservations.  Once contacted regarding a reservation, you will have 7 days to make a 50% deposit and sign the Sale Contract. After 7 days, the kid will be offered to the next reservation on the list, or posted publicly for sale. Pick up dates will be agreed upon in the contract. Bottle kids may be allowed to leave the farm as young as 3 weeks of age, at our discretion. Dam-raised kids will remain here until fully weaned around 12 weeks.